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IPL Face Rejuvenation

Looking for an easy to do, quick recovery face procedure to energize and “youth-i-fize” your skin? IPL (intense pulse light) is just the ticket. The light is tuned to target uneven pigment, pesky hairs and small broken blood vessels on your face, neck and chest. The result? …a refreshed face that will be ready for the red-carpet (or Zoom!)

Downtime is about 3-4 days for most people. The excess pigment comes to the surface and looks like “coffee-grounds” on your face. Using a washcloth and gentle cleanser, you can clean off the pigment. After 4 days, your skin will begin to feel tight and glowing.

Most patients require 3-4 sessions if IPL face rejuvenation and then once a year maintenance. To protect your investment, I highly recommend daily use of Jan Marini skin care products (I personally use the Jan Marini skincare kit).

Scar Removal + Stretch Marks

Fractional laser does a great job at flattening and softening scars and stretch marks. The two hand-pieces that I use for the job target deep and shallow layers of the skin; this is a more effective way to remodel scars and stretch marks. Depending on the scar or stretch marks multiple sessions are required to resolve the scar or stretch mark. I like to wait 4-6 weeks between sessions and gradually increase the laser energy from session to session to be more effective. I have also found that younger scars or stretch marks resolve in fewer sessions with less laser energy.

3-for-me face rejuvenation

with IPL + fractional laser treatments

Would you like an effective non-invasive way to re-energize and re-fresh your skin?  Then, this is the treatment for you.  Combining state of the art intense pulsed light and fractional laser on the same session, you can experience a younger look with minimal downtime.

Intense pulsed light therapy

Targets sun damage, broken blood vessels, pesky hairs and brown spots on the face, neck and chest.  After the treatment, the brown spots literally come to the surface looking like “coffee grounds” on the face that come off with gentle exfoliation with a gentle cleanser.  I tell patients to expect 3-4 days of “Netflix” time to recover from expected redness and minor swelling.

Fractional Laser

in the 1540nm wavelength stimulates your own body’s collagen and elastin to remodel lax skin, tighten skin pores and correct minor scars on the face.  The first part of the fractional laser is with the XD handpiece that delivers energy under the skin to remodel from underneath.  The second part, XF, tightens and smooths skin from the surface.

Where 1+1 equals 3!

Combined, this three in one treatment synergistically gives you the fresh glow and younger look that you want.  Furthermore, all three treatments can be given at the same session saving you time and visits.

Since this is one of the more intense laser treatments that I offer, I highly recommend topical anesthetic (BLT) cream an hour before your session.  Also, I would like you to do the procedure when you can spend a few days recovering from the redness and minor swelling that is common after the combined therapy.  Unlike CO2-lasers and older laser technology, it is uncommon to have 2nd-degree burns on the face from this treatment.

Dr. James Bowers is awesome

“Dr. James Bowers is awesome. I love the fact that he is an actual M.D. unlike with most aesthetic places. Since turning 50 two years ago my skin started looking dull and the red blotchiness was getting more noticeable. I did laser treatment and it was fantastic improvement!”

– Andrea F.

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