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It’s hard to feel your best when your skin looks tired, dull, and wrinkled. At Be Well in Lynnwood, Washington, James Bowers, MD, is an experienced physician offering innovative aesthetic treatments like ThreeForMe™ to restore your skin’s vibrant appearance. To get brighter, more vibrant skin with the unique ThreeForMe laser treatment, call or schedule an appointment online today and Be Well By Sound Health Physicians.

Three for Me Q & A

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What happens to skin as you age?

One of the most distinct signs of aging is the effect it has on your skin. These changes are the result of both intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

On the inside, your body begins producing less collagen when you’re in your 20s. Collagen is a vital protein that keeps your skin looking plump and supple. In addition to less collagen, your body also produces less moisture. These internal changes cause your skin to grow drier and thinner.

On the outside, your skin suffers from a variety of damaging factors, including sun damage, smoking, stress, and your diet. When combined with your internal changes, your skin may become loose, saggy, and more wrinkled as you age.

What is ThreeForMe?

Dr. Bowers provides the most innovative aesthetic therapies available, including ThreeForMe laser treatment. ThreeForMe is a cutting-edge approach to skin care that addresses the three most common skin concerns at once: wrinkles, sun damage, and facial veins.

Each ThreeForMe procedure takes about 30 minutes, requires little to no downtime, and doesn’t come with the risky side effects of surgical treatments. This technique is also safe for most skin types.

What can I expect during a ThreeForMe laser treatment?

ThreeForMe skin treatments are relatively comfortable and take place at the Be Well office in Lynnwood, Washington. To ensure optimal comfort during your appointment, Dr. Bowers may apply a topical numbing cream or cooling gel packs.

During your treatment session, Dr. Bowers makes two passes with the ThreeForMe system. First, he applies intense pulsed light (IPL) to address sun damage such as age spots and freckles. This stage of your treatment also focuses on unsightly facial veins like broken blood vessels, rosacea, and spider veins.

The second pass with the ThreeForMe uses a microbeam of light that triggers collagen and elastin production in your skin. As these vital elements return to the area, you notice fewer imperfections in your skin such as lines, wrinkles, and scars.

The two laser wavelengths used during your ThreeForMe session provide dramatic improvements and immediate results. For maximum benefits, Dr. Bowers might recommend up to three sessions at one-month intervals. After your treatment, you might experience mild redness and swelling, but you can resume regular activities immediately.

To see if ThreeForMe can restore your youthful appearance and rejuvenate your skin, call Be Well in Lynnwood, Washington, or schedule an appointment online today.

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