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At Be Well in Lynnwood, Washington, James Bowers, MD, and his team, understands that offering excellent primary care services involves more than lab results and prescriptions, it’s about building strong doctor-patient relationships. Dr. Bowers brings more than 20 years of medical experience to the men and women of the Pacific Northwest, providing both internal medicine and aesthetic services so you can be fit, beautiful, strong, happy, and well. Call or schedule a primary care appointment online to Be Well By Sound Health Physicians.

Primary Care Q & A

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Why is it important to have a primary care physician?

Having a primary care physician is an essential aspect of preventive medical care. Not only does it enable Dr. Bowers to develop a baseline of your general health, it enables him to detect potential health problems before they become serious.

As your primary care physician, Dr. Bowers partners with you on your health care journey, helping you manage chronic conditions and working with you to achieve the highest quality of life possible.

What can I expect during a primary care appointment?

When you partner with Dr. Bowers, you can expect more than a 15-minute office visit and a prescription. Dr. Bowers spends time with each of his patients, giving you receive personalized care designed to engage you in your own health and wellness.

Regular primary care appointments generally include:

  • Vaccinations or flu shots
  • Reviewing your current health for potential issues
  • Capturing vitals like heart rate, weight, and blood pressure
  • Discussing your family history to see if you’re at increased risk of conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol


Dr. Bowers incorporates essential aspects of whole-body wellness like regular exercise, sleep, and lifestyle factors when acting as your primary care physician.

What services do primary care physicians provide?

At Be Well, Dr. Bowers provides a broad spectrum of primary care services, including routine care, vaccinations, and physical exams. Dr. Bowers also offers recommended health care services like STD testing, and preventive care specific to men’s and women’s health such as prostate and cervical cancer screening, respectively.

Be Well offers in-clinic ultrasound diagnostic testing as well as a wide range of cosmetic treatments such as:

  • Juvederm® dermal fillers
  • SculpSure® body sculpting
  • Latisse® eyelash enhancement
  • Botox® wrinkle and fine line treatments


In addition to traditional and aesthetic medical treatments, Dr. Bowers uses functional medicine to get to the source of your medical condition. This includes utilizing Genova Diagnostics® genetic analysis and diagnostics.

What is Genova Diagnostics genetic analysis?

Dr. Bowers takes a comprehensive approach to your healthcare by offering a comprehensive assortment of genetic testing from Genova Diagnostics that provide deeper insight into your overall health. These tests are designed to help prevent, diagnose, and treat chronic diseases.

Based on your current health or symptoms, Dr. Bowers might recommend a variety of tests, including:

  • Endocrinology: review hormone levels
  • Nutritional: evaluate dietary imbalances
  • Environmental: identify exposure to environmental toxins
  • Genomics: look for genetic variations associated with vulnerabilities
  • Gastrointestinal or immunology: determine problems with the gastrointestinal tract or immune systems


Dr. Bowers even provides extended hours service if needed. Call Be Well or schedule a primary care appointment online today for more information.

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