Non-Surgical Face & Neck Lift

Using A Combination of PDO Smoothing & Defining Threads

Smooth/Define/Lift Your Face + Neck with PDO threads

Since I have been doing PDO lifting, defining and smoothing threads, I have been impressed with the great results using this technology. I find that the smoothing and defining threads work beautifully to correct smile lines, those pesky lines on the upper lip that cause lipstick to run, and acne scars.

The smoothing and defining threads do this by stimulating your own body’s collagen and elastin to fill and smooth while they gradually dissolve. My patients love that the smoothing threads don’t leave “caterpillar” lines. The effects of the threads tend to last longer than filler and often is less expensive, too.

The lifting threads do a wonderful job creating a natural lift in the lower, mid and upper face with little downtime and a more natural look. These type of PDO threads have small “cogs” on them that allow me to push up the skin to create a beautiful lifted look that can last for several years.

I also like to use smoothing and defining threads to create a gorgeous looking frame to your lips giving the lips a sharp border and gentle upturn. Coupled with lip filler, the PDO threads will give you WOW-lips that will get you noticed. For the tired, saggy neck, I use a combination of all three-PDO threads along with SculpSure neck to give you back your youthful, sculpted neck. Jawlines also benefit from the combination of all three-PDO threads with a small amount of filler to give you a sharper, more defined jawline.

The comprehensive and detailed care is unsurpassed

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– Cynthia W.

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