Botox and Fillers...Oh, my!

Smooth out your fine lines and wrinkles, plus add volume!


Botox and Fillers have been around in the cosmetic medical world for many years. Often, these are the two procedures that many patients choose to have as their “gateway” to beauty.

Botox is a neuromodulating protein that causes the muscle it is exposed to, to relax. Even though we call these products Botox, there are several companies in the US who manufacture Botulinum Toxin neuromodulators.

We carry DysportJeuveau and Botox brands at Be Well. There are subtle differences between both of these products, but they both effectively relax tight muscles that cause wrinkles.

Dysport seems softer in relaxing the muscles, allowing some movement after it is given. Onset of Dysport is a bit faster; most patients start experiencing the effects in about 2 days.

Botox and Jeuveau are a bit firmer creating very little movement once it begins to work; about 4 days. I often recommend that patients who have stronger than ordinary facial muscles use Botox or Jeuveau brands for their treatment.

These products are used to soften the muscles of the forehead, around the eyes, around the mouth and also the chewing muscles. The product can be placed in such a way to give you a lateral eyebrow lift that so many people desire. I would say it is important that the person you choose to inject your Botox has experience so that you avoid muscle asymmetry or eyelid drooping or “hooding” of the eyelids.


Fillers have come a long way since their introduction over 20-years ago. Today’s fillers are based on modulated hyaluronic acid, a component of everyone’s skin. Fillers are each different by their weight and thickness. I use thinner fillers to smooth superficial lines on the face and neck. Fillers also do a beautiful job rejuvenating hands. Thicker fillers are used in deeper part of the face and are great at contouring and lifting.

At Be Well, our “everyday” filler is Versa, a great product that gives amazing results without too much lumpiness. We also use Restylane products for their great lifting and smoothing ability.

I am often asked how long fillers last. Simply put, fillers in areas with higher facial activity don’t last as long as areas with less facial activity. Lip fillers last about 6-9 months on average. Cheek fillers can last up to a year.

Most patients underestimate the amount of filler needed to create the look they want. A syringe of filler only has 1mL of product (Versa has 1.2mL). As an example, most patients need 2- syringes of filler to create fuller lips.

A good combination with fillers are PDO defining and smoothing threads. For the lips, I often create a “frame” around the lip borders with smoothing threads at the same time as using lip filler. In this context think of PDO threads as “solid” filler. The combination results in a more “wow” and noticeable look that lasts longer than filler alone.

I am so very happy with my lip filler and Botox!!!

“I am so very happy with my lip filler and Botox!!! Doctor Bowers is so caring, kind, and gentle. He was truly a answer to prayer. I am in the beauty industry and approaching 50 next month.. I was feeling extremely insecure about the wrinkles on my face. I love love my results. I felt so comfortable and reassured he was going to do what was in my best interest. His office is very clean and his staff are sweet and informative. I will be recommending his services to all my friends and customers.”

– Desiree H.

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