Body Sculpting

with SculpSure/WarmSculpt

If you are interested in a non-invasive way to contour your body without surgery, then body sculpting may be for you.

SculpSure uses laser energy to target fat below the skin surface. The fat is heated and cooled in such a way that causes the fat cells to shrivel up and die. The fat is carried away by your lymphatic system resulting in permanent loss of fat after several treatments. The results aren’t immediate but definitely noticeable after a few weeks of each treatment.

The best person for this procedure is one who is interested in the small, 1” rolls of fat on the midsection, flanks, arms or neck. We talk about “fluffy” fat versus “firm” fat when we consult with you to make sure that you are perfect for this procedure and to improve the success of SculpSure with just a few sessions. “Fluffy” fat is the less dense fat that is more conducive to SculpSure’s laser energy. SculpSure does also work on the “firmer” fat but it generally takes more than 3 sessions to achieve good results.

Each session is around 20 minutes in length once we have each of the frames placed on your body. For me, the experience alternates between cold and hot sensations for the 20-minute duration. The procedure is easily tolerated, and only mild discomfort is expected. A few patients love that we also have nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) to make the procedure even more comfortable.

If you are new to Body Sculpting and want an easy to treat area of your body, then try SculpSure Neck treatment. Depending on the amount of fat under your chin, you can get the results you need in 2-3 sessions. This procedure is not only safer than Kybella, it is more comfortable, there is literally no downtime and it is much less expensive. Having had both procedures done, I can attest to the effectiveness and comfort of SculpSure for the neck.

Additionally, I use smooth/defining/lifting PDO threads to help create a sculpted neck in conjunction with SculpSure. As they say, combining two such treatments synergistically increase tone and tightness in your neck.

This is a procedure that you definitely want to consult with me first to see if it is right for you.

I would highly recommend the whole Be Well experience

“I got Sculpture at Bee Well with Dr. Bowers. His whole team is great! It’s been about a month since my treatment and I’m starting to see the results!!! Plus, he had Nitrus available because some areas are more, shall we say, intense to get treated than others. 🙂 I would highly recommend the whole Be Well experience.”

– Shanah W.

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